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SharePoint has revolutionized Yaskawa UK Ltd’s internal systems by providing a universal approach to document management and business process automation.

Employees now have a quick and easy way to upload and manage project-specific data and documents, timesheets, holiday requests, whilst SharePoint’s powerful functionality allows for staff to access this information from the office, home, customers site, even abroad. Not only this, the solution’s tight integration with Microsoft’s tools, such as Word and Excel, has promoted user acceptance and made adopting the SharePoint system universally accepted amongst staff. Read below to see how we enhanced their business with SharePoint Document Management.

Document Management & Business Process Automation

A core benefit to the Document Management system is ease of access to the latest up-to-date files and data. Prior to the solution being deployed, documents that needed to be updated several times, and by multiple users, were often found in different locations and at different stages of completion.

This presents a common issue for many organizations, users not knowing who the latest author was, and if the newest version of a file has all appropriate updates already in place. SharePoint eliminated these problems for Yaskawa UK Ltd, by allowing real-time co-authoring of a single centrally located document. This highly effective function resulted in significantly improved levels of employee collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The amount of time and effort involved in managing simple business processes often hinder an organization’s productivity. This was no different for Yaskawa UK Ltd, with many of their processes being heavily paper-based. Making some of the most simple of tasks such as holiday tracking and recording staff illnesses’s drawn out and tedious.

SharePoint has helped to eliminate these paper-based problems by automating many business processes using electronic forms and workflows. Automating such processes has contributed to an impressive organizational efficiency for Yaskawa UK Ltd, reducing the time taken to complete tasks and reducing costs.


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