Yammer to be rebranded as Viva Engage

Windows software being updated on laptop screen with an install bar

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Microsoft have announced they are officially retiring the Yammer brand and it will evolve to become Viva Engage. This will happen over the course of the next 12 months.

Updates started in March to the Communities app for Outlook and mobile apps for iOS and Android with a banner to inform users of the rebrand. And this month we will see the Yammer mobile apps be renamed Viva Engage, which will happen automatically. In June, Yammer.com will go under the rebrand with some user experience and user interface enhancements.

Microsoft have said they will continue to share details with customers as they work on the timeline of the rebrand. Viva Engage already has an integrated app in Microsoft Teams which the Yammer community uses. The reason for the rebrand is to avoid confusion between two applications and tidy up the package. Users have no need to worry as no functionality will be impacted, and all features will be available.

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