Why you should be using Power Automate

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Power Automate is an easy and powerful tool that has allowed us to save time and money, boost productivity, streamline every day tasks and share data faster. In a digital world that is always connected and always working, businesses that use Power Automate are not looking back.
It is never too late to get started.

So what is Power Automate?

These day’s there’s a cloud service for everything. Power Automate is a user friendly way to connect all of your favourite apps and automate the tasks that you find too time consuming. With the option to create your own multi-step workflow or start from one of the many templates, it’s simple to automate what you want.

Why waste time constantly checking emails when you can get a text message whenever an important contact emails you? Automating means you can use your time to work on other things, like setting up a flow that manages your Twitter.  Has somebody mentioned your company in a Tweet? Let Power Automate take care of it with a flow that follows them, sends a nice reply, adds them to a spreadsheet that gets emailed to you for approval and then adds their contact to Dynamics 365.

You can connect to over 100 services and choose from hundreds of pre-made templates, tweak them, or create your own.

Power Automate is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, alongside Power Apps and Power BI. We use Power Automate everyday in our SharePoint development projects. Often in combination with Power Apps to digitise your paper forms and processes.

How does it benefit me?

  • Stop the boring and repetitive
    How much time do you spend checking emails? Sending or moving documents, or just repeating the same old tasks every day? Power Automate can take control for you and keep you updated for what is important.
  • Work faster and be more productive
    There’s no doubt about it. Power Automate helps your business save a lot of time. It allows everyone to be better organised and become a more effective workforce. Your important tasks can now get 100% of your attention.
  • Save money and improve ROI
    Saving time, saves money. Many clients find that they are also saving money due to no longer needing to use third-party applications and licenses.
  • Quality of life
    Users from various roles have found their job to be much more engaging and easier. Happier employees mean improved quality of work and lower staff turnover.
  • It’s secure
    Have peace of mind that all your automations are secure from threats or being tampered with, allowing you to put them out of mind and concentrate on what is important.

How can Adepteq help?

We live and breath Microsoft 365 and we love it. Whether you want to just ask us a few questions about Power Automate, arrange training with one of our experts, or discuss an automation project you are considering you are welcome to get in contact with us today. It doesn’t cost anything to talk to us, and we are always happy to help.

We are available on 0800 6444 365 or you can send us a message via our contact page.