Why you should be backing up Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 has been enhancing businesses all around the world. It is an incredibly powerful platform that is constantly improving and offering new features, and businesses are putting their entire lives into it. However, there is one area where Microsoft 365 falls short, and it is often overlooked by the majority. Backup Solutions.

Below are the most common reasons for data loss in the cloud. Don’t let your business be another statistic.

End-user deletion, whether accidental or malicious

More often than not when a file or document has been accidentally deleted it can be recovered from the recycle bin. Like most platforms, Microsoft 365 has recycle bins which hold deleted files for a limited amount of time. In Microsoft 365 it’s 93 days. It’s a good amount of time, but not always enough for those who are unaware a file has gone missing. However, it is unlikely to fix the behaviour of a malicious user as files can be permanently deleted from the recycle bin at any time.

Malware damage or ransomware attacks

Our online world is growing day by day. Business are constantly moving to the cloud and new opportunities are rising up. Unfortunately some of these opportunities bring with them some undesirable characters. Whether it’s vulnerabilities in security, or well-meaning users caught out by a phishing scam, the damage caused can be irreparable without a backup in place.

Lost data due to cancelled user licenses

For Microsoft 365, a user license is required to access information. Various permissions and access can be granted to keep users in control and organised. The issue occurs when an account has been deleted due to the user leaving the company or being sacked. All the company information that they held will be lost, and you will likely need to pay for the licenses back of sacked workers. A backup solution can save you grief by allowing you to save important information linked to a dormant user account.

Misconfigured application workflows

Workflows are a great time saver, and can greatly boost productivity. Workflows are not difficult to create but can seem quite intimidating to new users. A very simple mistake in a workflow can trigger huge problems across various folder, to entire sites.  Common errors range from files being moved, overwritten or permanently deleted.

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