What is SharePoint?

SharePoint gives you secure anywhere access to your documents and content from any device

So, what is SharePoint? SharePoint is a browser based application that can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation by enhancing communication and collaboration as well as streamlining the management of and access to your data.

  • Access sites & documents securely via a browser or the SharePoint App
  • The engine for you Business Processes with online forms & workflow
  • Central content hub for your organisation
  • Enterprise Search, so you find your content quickly

SharePoint stores your documents in a central, secure location, that allow users to search with instant access to the data they need. It also enables users to share information across your intranet, whilst ensuring users see only the data that is useful and relevant to them.

SharePoint Info

Share and work together

SharePoint is the place to share ideas, content and the vision of your company, accessible from anywhere on any device. SharePoint (and Office 365) promote collaboration between teams, colleagues and partners.

Inform and engage people

Reduce the strain on email by using SharePoint to deliver your corporate news, social news and get your users fully engaged. SharePoint should be the central information hub of your organisation and a key part of your compliance strategy.

Harness collective knowledge

It’s where you go to discover experts, share comments and uncover connections to helpful information and people within your organisation.

Transform business processes

Remove paper from your business processes, increase efficiency and transparency by creating electronic forms and workflows.

Extend and develop

It’s a hub for developers to build and deploy modern apps and for designers to build eye-catching & secure SharePoint Intranets or Extranets via desktop or mobile.

Protect and Manage

Because it’s built with the cloud in mind, you can manage cost, meet the demands of compliance and manage risk. SharePoint has been built to handle almost anything our customers throw at it so your IT Pros spend more time managing information, delivering ideas and being more effective.

As a platform, SharePoint allows you to share information across divisions, departments, teams or groups (both internally and externally). SharePoint is a great tool to hone your processes and workflows, eliminating errors and ensuring you get the information you need by automating outdated processes with machine learning and simple workflows to streamline your business.

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