Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium with its world class productivity tools is a wise choice for small and medium-sized businesses everywhere. Designed with cybersecurity in mind, Microsoft 365 Business Premium safeguards your organisation’s data, devices and information.

We have the run down on the Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

  1. Communicate and collaborate effortlessly: Spend less time switching between apps and searching for files so you can spend more time being productive.​
  2. Enable secure remote access and protect against stolen passwords​: Advanced multi-factor authentication plus conditional access policies help ensure that only authorised users have access to company data, even if passwords are lost or stolen.
  3. Secure endpoints and protect yourself against ransomware: Microsoft Defender for Business brings enterprise-grade ransomware protection with Endpoint Detection and Response and Automated Investigation and Remediation.
  4. Safeguard sensitive data​: Email encryption, Data Loss Prevention and Azure Information protection helps safeguard sensitive ad confidential data against unauthorised access.​
  5. Secure work data on personal devices​: Keep business data limited to secured locations on personal devices, while keeping work and personal apps separate. Protect against lost or stolen devices with remote wipe.​

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