Planning, implementing, and managing an onboarding experience for new employees is time consuming and challenging. For organisations, it's difficult to efficiently onboard new employees into the complexity of an organisation's structure, people, processes, and culture. Only 12% of employees strongly agree their organisation does a great job of onboarding new employees. For new employees, the onboarding experience is often exciting, but can also be stressful, overwhelming, and inconsistent. New employees who have a negative onboarding experience are more likely to look for new opportunities within the first six months of starting work.


Microsoft are working to help customers improve their new hire onboarding experience. A new set of SharePoint site templates on the SharePoint look book has launched called the New Employee Onboarding (NEO) hub.

New Employee Onboarding Hub - SharePoint

The NEO hub helps organisations:


An engaging and well-organised NEO process can make all the difference. Helping a new hire navigate through an exciting - but stressful - career journey can have major organisational benefits:

Neo Hub

New employee onboarding involves creating an end-to-end experience for new employees that begins before their first day on the job. Research has shown pre-onboarding new hires can lead to higher performance and better retention rates. New employee onboarding also involves providing support on multiple levels within an organisation, like corporate and departmental onboarding. Each onboarding level provides its own unique value, contributing to a comprehensive onboarding experience that each new employee will benefit from. To deliver a consistent and integrated new hire onboarding experience, the NEO hub consists of three type of SharePoint site templates. These are designed to work as one cohesive and familiar experience for new hires.


NEO hub sites

What's included

To help accelerate your implementation of a new employee onboarding hub in your tenant the following highlights just some of the features included.

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