Drive Productivity and Employee Engagement

Omnia is a versatile product that can help you establish a variety of solutions.


We see the intranet as an approach to drive productivity and employee engagement by making sure that employees know what is going on. Providing easy access to the information needed for their daily work and the means to collaborate and interact with colleagues.

Omnia provides tools for targeted internal communication, streamlined collaboration and governance that will support you in delivering a great user experience on all devices.


Knowledge Management

Today, we see many organisations driving initiatives to implement a more structured approach to manage knowledge among the workforce in order to reach tactical and strategic objectives.

Omnia supports processes regarding creating, categorising, finding, using, sharing and improving information within the digital workplace. Our aim is to help you make the best possible use of knowledge within your organisation

Quality Management

A great way to improve operations and customer satisfaction is to implement a system for managing quality of your products and services.

Omnia comes with support for publishing and handling processes, documents and issues over defined life cycles that will contribute to regulatory compliance. By managing the organisation’s policies, procedures and best practices you will be able to help your workforce and the organisation to meet goals and objectives.


Information Security Management

The need for protecting information within your business is growing by the day. Historically, the work with managing digital threats has been focused on infrastructure-based protection but today it calls for a more comprehensive approach.

Omnia delivers capabilities that will help you implement a solution for meeting the ISO 27001 standard. Including safety controls, nonconformity management, risk management and continuous improvement.

Project Management

More work than ever is carried out in projects and the need for managing and monitoring project progress is self-evident. Omnia comes with features that will help you implement project models and methods, provide document templates, structure deliverables, keep track of tasks and visualise project portfolios.

What would getting more projects reaching their objectives on time and budget mean for your organisation?


Document Management

Handling documents in an effective way within the digital workplace can be a real challenge. Documents are everywhere, in multiple versions, based on self-made templates, with scarce traceability and no ownership.

Based on Omnia, you now have the possibility to implement a solution for managing documents aligned with defined lifecycles and organisation-wide policies. Headaches ends here.

Digital Workplace

A successful digital workplace will turn the fragmented landscape of applications into a unified experience for end-users. In searching for this solution, the intranet will play a major role in working as a hub for the tools and resources provided by the organisation.

We also expect the digital workplace to cover initiatives regarding structured knowledge sharing, project and portfolio management, controlled documents, solutions for compliance regarding quality and information security and seamless integration with legacy systems. These are all areas covered by the Omnia solutions.