SharePoint Twitter Web Part Retirement

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Due to a change in Twitter’s terms of use for third-party access, users have experienced issues of Twitter feeds not displaying in SharePoint.

Microsoft have announced that it will no longer support the SharePoint Twitter web part and it will be removed from the web part toolbox. This will include any Microsoft-produced site templates.

When Will The Change Take Place?

  • No exact date has been given, but Microsoft has said it will be rolling out mid-September

How Does this Affect You?

  • Pages that have the SharePoint Twitter web part installed will continue to work.
  • However, the Twitter web part may display an error message

What Can I do?

  • Microsoft say that if your SharePoint pages have the Twitter web part, you should consider removing it.

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Our SharePoint development can help you smoothly adapt to the modifications by efficiently managing the removal of the Twitter web part from your SharePoint pages. If you would like to discuss anything mentioned above, then please contact us today.