SharePoint – Uniting your workforce!

SharePoint Intranets

Use SharePoint to unify your data and allow teams to work together anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Our SharePoint intranet portals form the hub of a modern organisation. Providing staff with centralised access to both company information and content relevant to their role, securely on the move. ​

SharePoint has powerful capabilities that connect your workforce and accelerate your digital transformation to propel growth. SharePoint allows you to; inform and engage employees, find people, expertise and content faster, collaborate and share with confidence, transform business processes and harness collective knowledge. A SharePoint intranet is a great way to reduce paper and remove the strain from work by replacing common forms with electronic forms and automated workflow processes.

SharePoint offers the following features and functionality:

  • Social Intranet (internal blogs & forums)
  • Extranet (share & collaborate on content externally)
  • Staff Directory (Office 365 Delve)
  • Internal Communications (news & events)
  • Document Management System
  • Content Management System
  • Enterprise Search (indexed content)
  • Collaboration
  • Co-Authoring
  • Ideation & Innovation Management
  • Business Process Automation (streamline processes/automate workflows, online forms, alerts)
  • Project Management
  • eDiscovery – Intelligent Information Discovery
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Version Control
  • Auditing
  • Records Management
  • Analytics

SharePoint is the leading platform for Intranets. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose SharePoint for your Intranet:

  • Platform Security – Keep your data safe in Microsoft’s highly secure Datacentres
  • Secure Access and Sharing – Manage access and sharing settings to ensure your sensitive data doesn’t leak
  • Awareness and Insights – Have a complete visibility of your data to make informed decisions, track, and account for all file activity with full transparency with reports and alerts.
  • Information Governance – Govern the lifecycle of your data, including deletion and retention policies, eDiscovery, and legal holds
  • Compliance and Trust – Meet the latest compliance standards (including GDPR).  Trust – Microsoft gives you full transparency and visibility into how they treat your data.

SharePoint Extranets

Provide secure sites to share with for your clients & partners

SharePoint Extranets are secure sites that are accessed via the web through a secure login, giving users authenticated access to a shared area. Share information and resources and collaborate on content with customers, suppliers, trustees, volunteers, sub-contractors and partners. SharePoint allows you to keep in control of access to your business data with robust permissions options.

Other SharePoint Solutions from Adepteq

Bespoke solutions in SharePoint to meet your exact requirements.

Examples include:

  • KPI reporting tools
  • Change Control system
  • Service Request Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Expenditure Approval Processes
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom Helpdesk
  • FM solutions and Supply Chain Management

​SharePoint is a powerful application development platform with a lot of functionality provided out of the box or with no-code solutions. This means that development tends to be quicker and easier than using traditional development tools.

Adepteq review your requirements, agree a scope of works and provide a fixed price proposal to deliver your solution.

Royal Mail Custom Apps

Manage and update Projects from any location

SharePoint is a great tool for managing your internal and external projects, used in conjunction with Microsoft Project or as a stand alone solution.

We work with your team to create a SharePoint projects site template, which contains all the elements and standard documents required for your projects. Each new SharePoint project site is created in the same format. SharePoint Project Sites can be extended to provide your external partners access to the projects they are working on.

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“Our SharePoint Solutions enable us to work more collaboratively and effectively with our contractors”

Jason Rogers – Royal Mail