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Boost internal communications with a bespoke Intranet Solution

SharePoint’s robust features offer unparalleled opportunities to enhance collaboration and drive digital transformation, fuelling business growth.

With a SharePoint business Intranet, you can streamline your operations by replacing paper-based forms with electronic forms and automated workflows, reducing time and costs associated with manual processes.

Our expert SharePoint solutions can help you leverage this powerful technology to create a secure and scalable intranet platform that connects your workforce, enhances productivity, and drives innovation.

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SharePoint Intranets are designed to be scalable, ensuring adaptable business growth as it evolves over time

Platform Security

Keep your data safe in Microsoft’s highly secure Datacentres (or on your own Servers)

Secure Access and Sharing

Manage access and sharing settings to ensure your sensitive data stays secure

Awareness and Insights

Have complete visibility of your data to make informed decisions, track, and account for all file activity with full transparency, reports and alerts

Harness Collective Knowledge

With a powerful search and intelligent ways to discover information, make informed decisions and provide guided action with an Intranet installation.

Compliance and Trust

Meet the latest compliance standards (including GDPR). Microsoft gives you full transparency and visibility into how they treat your data

If you are considering an ‘Intranet in a box’ solution rather than a bespoke intranet then we recommend the multi award winning Omnia Social Intranet and Digital Workplace solution.

SharePoint offers the following features and functionality for us to create your SharePoint intranet site:

SharePoint Intranet development (Internal blogs & forums)
Staff Directory

Internal Communications (News & events)

Document Management

Content Management

Enterprise Search (Indexed content)


Microsoft Teams Integration

Business Process (Forms and workflows)

Project Management

eDiscovery – Intelligent Information Discovery

Data Loss Prevention


Records Management


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"Adepteq have been a fantastic partner to work with and provided us with tremendous support as we embarked upon a number of projects. Their SharePoint Online expertise, as well as their deep knowledge regarding the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, has been invaluable to us"
Sports Grounds Safety Authority, Jason Clotworthy, London.

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