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The 6 pillars of SharePoint which are organise, share, discover, connect, manage and build.

We are specialists in Microsoft SharePoint and can help you implement a fully featured document management system that will be secure, efficient and compliant for GDPR and ISO.

Adepteq have successfully implemented hundreds of document control systems and document management systems for both large and small organisations.

Before implementation we conduct a controlled document management workshop to allow us to fully understand the requirements. Following the workshop we agree the scope, create the solution you require, migrate your existing documents and train your users to ensure adoption. 

Document Management Workshop

We find that many organisations with SharePoint, are using it (or planning to use it) for professional document storage, but are not taking full advantage of the functionality available. Our workshop helps you make educated decisions on how to best manage and control your document system in SharePoint after understanding all the options available to you.

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How can electronic document management benefit my company?

A good SharePoint document management software solution can free your company from the burden of the dreaded files share and VPN. It can give your employees the freedom to create and share work, the security to know everything is protected, and the ability to think and work in innovative ways.

Just some of the many benefits include:


Document Security

Access to documents is limited to only those people that should be allowed to read, edit or create them. 



Manage all metadata for any document, which can be viewed and edited simultaneously by multiple users. Users will be alerted if someone else is already editing a document.



A workflow can be used to manage and automate the document approval process.



SharePoint makes it easy to search for a document. Search will find any matching words withing the document, filename or metadata.


Easily Accessible

 Access your documents and communicate with your team at any time and anywhere by using your desktop PC or any mobile device.


Version History

All documents maintain a version history and any version can be viewed or restored as required.

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