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Now that your organisation has invested in an intelligent, robust, secure communication and collaboration platform, you need to consider SharePoint Support. Our UK based specialist SharePoint help will give users confidence that your new system is reliable and will not let them down.

Give your users an innovative system that they will get pleasure from using and they will use it. Give your users an ‘out of the box system that looks like SharePoint and there is a risk that users will not like it or use it and time and money will have been wasted.
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"We engaged with Adepteq after leaving a SharePoint development company and been really happy with the service provided. Commercially they've been flexible to our needs and it's worked well so far. Commercially they've been flexible to our needs and it's worked well so far. Very professional and courteous company and would highly recommend to anyone."
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SharePoint Web Part Development

Adepteq is often asked to connect SharePoint to other lines of business systems or data sources within an organisation and this typically requires custom development.

The majority of our work is to connect bespoke solutions to SharePoint. These provide a view on the data help within them (rather than duplicating the data), using them as a lookup to populate fields in SharePoint lists or to pre-populate documents.

Adepteq has integrated SharePoint with commercial software such as Maximiser (CRM) and Practice Manager (Accountancy Management Package)  as well as bespoke solutions using SQL Server, Access, and Oracle.

Another popular development is to import data captured in websites (such as people who sign up for mailing lists) into SharePoint lists where a client record is then created.

Experience the Future of Streamlined Workflows: Cardinal Clinic's Electronic Patients Record System

Harnessing the power of Power Apps and seamless integration with SharePoint, we revolutionised Cardinal Clinic’s daily business processes. Our tailored solution enabled effortless content sharing among consultants, GPs, and nursing staff, fostering collaborative working from anywhere, on any device. Say goodbye to paper-based inefficiencies and embrace dynamic reporting, empowering Cardinal Clinic with unprecedented efficiency.

Cardinal Clinic ERP electronic patient records

SharePoint Custom Application Development

Many of the applications our developers create, replace existing disparate applications that organisations have used for ‘quick fix’ but do not fit in with the overall IT and data security strategy. By developing applications in SharePoint it is very cost-effective as you maintain control of your data (and where it resides), your users have a single sign-on to all your applications and you only require a single support partner.

Examples of this type of development services are Meeting Room Booking Systems, Contact Management, Training Records Management, Change Control & Absence Management. A very popular development is to create an Outlook plugin. Customers use this to send emails (and attachments) to specific SharePoint libraries, which are then associated to customers orders, projects and more.

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