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The development of Omnia started in 2009 with the purpose to deliver great solutions for communication, collaboration and knowledge management based on the Microsoft stack. The name Omnia was introduced to the market in 2015 and the product has been used by hundreds of organisations realising solutions within their digital workplace. Below you will find more information on Omnia regarding prerequisites, deployment, updates and support.

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Product Deployment

Omnia can be deployed to an Office 365 or SharePoint environment either as an Azure AD App or as a SharePoint Add-in.
Omnia is presently available for on-premise or private cloud solutions using SharePoint 2013, 2016 or 2019 and for Office 365 solutions using SharePoint Online. The product can support both classic and modern SharePoint.

Product Updates

Omnia is updated on a regular basis with three larger releases a year where new and improved functionality is launched. We also offer a number of minor releases a year focused on non-functional requirements like design, performance, accessibility and infrastructural improvements.
All major changes to the product are announced in the product roadmap that is available using the Administration Portal in the product.


Omnia provides a great mobile experience due to all pages being responsive, device specific settings for all Omnia Blocks and a mobile app for Android and iOS. The Omnia mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.

Web Browser Support

Omnia will over time support the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The Product is designed to also work with older web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11, but we strongly recommend the use of a modern browser, a multi-browser strategy or Microsoft Edge (Chromium) with IE mode.

Operating Systems

Omnia is designed to support clients running Windows 10 or later and the latest version of Mac OS.
Regarding mobile devices, the Product will over time support the latest version of iOS and Android 5.1 or later version.


Omnia is developed to support the delivery of a solution complaint with the WCAG standard. The product is updated on a regular basis to reflect new requirements or changes in the standard.

Product Support

Product support is delivered from Sweden, Canada and Vietnam covering daytime working hours in all time zones.

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Aylesbury Development Centre

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