Offer SharePoint services to your clients by Partnering with Adepteq

Partner with Adepteq and Join our network of expert service providers

Choose Adepteq as your ally for all your Microsoft project pitches. We can offer expert advice spanning over a decade of professional SharePoint experience. We can help you develop, deliver and support any projects involving SharePoint or Office 365.

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Why should you partner with Adepteq?

Adepteq are extremely flexible and have experience working with a variety of partners to successfully deliver SharePoint and Office 365 projects.

We are happy to work on a referral basis, work under your badge alongside your teams or to enhance your offering by plugging any skill gaps your organisation has by becoming your SharePoint Deployment and Development Partner. These arrangements are often reciprocal as we sometimes rely on outside assistance ourselves to deliver complete, end to end solutions for our clients.

Adepteq’s Microsoft Certified SharePoint Consultants and Developers are UK based and have experience of all deployment, upgrade and migration scenarios as well as a track record of developing innovative, cost effective business solutions.

Adepteq's Microsoft Gold Partner Competencies

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