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Choose Adepteq as your ally for all your Microsoft project pitches. We can offer expert advice spanning over a decade of professional SharePoint experience. We can help you develop, deliver and support any projects involving SharePoint or Office 365.


Why should you partner with Adepteq?

Adepteq are extremely flexible and have experience working with a variety of partners to successfully deliver SharePoint and Office 365 projects.

We are happy to work on a referral basis, work under your badge alongside your teams or to enhance your offering by plugging any skill gaps your organisation has by becoming your SharePoint Deployment and Development Partner. These arrangements are often reciprocal as we sometimes rely on outside assistance ourselves to deliver complete, end to end solutions for our clients.

Adepteq’s Microsoft Certified SharePoint Consultants and Developers are UK based and have experience of all deployment, upgrade and migration scenarios as well as a track record of developing innovative, cost effective business solutions.

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Using our partner network, we cost effectively extend our solutions to integrate with their applications

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Microsoft - World leading Software, Services and Devices

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner is very important to us as it underpins our real world expertise and experience of delivering Microsoft technology solutions. Our partnership also ensures any issues outside of our control are effectively logged and prioritised by Microsoft due to our status.

Adepteq has Gold Collaboration and Content, Gold Cloud Productivity and Silver Messaging competencies as well as being an Authorised Education Provider (AEP).

Adepteq are on the Microsoft first release program, so can review, understand and use enhancements prior to them being made available for general release.

We use Office 365 and Dynamics 365 to manage our business, so really understand the benefits Microsoft technologies bring.

Sharegate - Migration & Management Tools for SharePoint

Adepteq is a Sharegate UK Premium partner and we promote Sharegate’s highly rated industry leading SharePoint migration and management tool. Not only do we use Sharegate to assist moving your environment, data and users faster than the competition, we use the Permissions, Administration and Reporting elements to help organisations maintain their SharePoint (and Office 365) environments.

When we wanted to migrate our helpdesk from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online we used Sharegate to make the move and continue using to manage our content.

We would be happy to arrange a Sharegate demo, free trial or provide Sharegate pricing.

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Via - Skype for Business Telephony

Hosted Skype for Business is a real cost effective voice solution when compared to traditional PBX systems. Via allow us to extend our Skype for Business services to allow for the complete replacement of your traditional internal communications. Allowing for  meetings, IM and videochat whilst on the move as well as your calls to landlines and mobiles.

We have saved on our telephony costs by integrating the Via solution with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 to have a truly portable telephony solution.

For more information head to our Skype for Business Page.

Aquaforest - Searchable PDF experts

Aquaforest provide High Performance PDF, OCR and SharePoint products to a world-wide market. Aquaforest are experts in Searchable PDFs and thousands of organizations rely on Aquaforest solutions as part of their document workflow processes.

Based in the same Aylesbury business park as Adepteq, we work with Aquaforest to promote their software products whilst they promote our SharePoint services.

Aquaforest has recently released Searchlight Tagger which can automatically add metadata tags to documents.

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Enovapoint - Additions for SharePoint

Enovapoint are the creators of the SharePoint or Office 365 email marketing solution, JungleMail. JungleMail allows SharePoint users to send and track personalised mass emails to a large number of recipients. Regardless of the number of emails being sent.

Enovapoint also make JungleDocs (Document Automation) and JungleBell (Alerts & Reminders) for SharePoint.

Had a mailshot from Adepteq? Then it was sent to you via JungleMail!

Aquilai - Intelligent Phishing Detection

Aquilai is a team of security experts and computer scientists, who share a passion for building next-generation technology that solves organisations cyber security problems today and making what is thought of as impossible, a reality.

Supported by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and GCHQ, Aquilai has developed Ajax, an intelligent phishing detection solution that works alongside your exisitng defences.

We use Ajax to protect Adepteq against phishing attacks and are pleased partner with Aquilai to offer this solution to our clients.

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Barracuda - Security & Data Protection Tools

Adepteq evaluated a number of Office 365 backup solution options and we chose Barracuda Cloud to Cloud Backup (part of Essentials for Microsoft Office 365) as the solution that meets our requirements and we are happy to promote to our clients.

Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 provides Comprehensive Security and Data Protection for Office 365. It minimizes downtime, ensuring compliance retention, and enabling recovery of Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint Online data giving users peace of mind and complete protection in their Office 365 environment.

We rely on Barracuda to back up our Office 365 data!

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