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Solutions that Foster Talent Connectivity and Enable Seamless Internal Communication and Knowledge Exchange

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Mozzaik365 is a cutting-edge SharePoint Online extension that empowers organisations to create dynamic and collaborative intranets. Mozzaik365 provides rich and functional spaces for communication, collaboration, and knowledge management, offering a transformative solution for optimising employee engagement and productivity. Discover how this innovative platform can revolutionise your workplace, enhance internal communication, and streamline knowledge sharing, ultimately driving your organisation towards greater success. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock a new era of productivity and collaboration.

Here's why you need Mozzaik365 for your workspace

Internal Communication

Efficiently distribute information: Ensure timely updates and improved decision-making

Streamline access for targeted groups: Boost productivity and collaboration

Integrate social content: Stay current with industry trends and insights

Implement Employee Advocacy: Amplify brand visibility and loyalty

Engage remote and on-site teams: Foster inclusivity and job satisfaction

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Human Resources

Nurture Company Values: Enhance commitment, retention, and performance.

Strengthen Employee Bonds: Boost engagement for productivity and a positive environment.

Facilitate HR Service Access: Streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Enhance Digital Employee Experience: Empower for job satisfaction and agility.

Improve Employee Advocacy: Leverage brand ambassadors for growth and reputation.

Chief Information Officers

Deliver Seamless Accessibility: Ensure a smooth and accessible experience for all users.

Boost Team Productivity: Optimise productivity with practical tools and solutions.

Secure Digital Workplace Management: Maintain a secure and coherent digital workplace environment.

Centralise Knowledge Management: Enhance knowledge management by consolidating expertise and resources.

Mozzaik365 IT Information Technology
"Freyssinet was looking for a knowledge management solution to create an internal tool that helps the business to share information within the company. The Mozzaik365 solution allowed us to easily create and organize our wikis, and make them available in sections with an efficient search engine and available on mobile devices. Mozzaik365 brings real value to Modern SharePoint, and we regularly use the product's new features to enhance our business space."
Freyssinet, Bertrand Robiquet
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Create and customise your Dashboards in Microsoft Teams with MODA

MODA simplifies the process of crafting personalised Teams Dashboards, streamlining the centralisation of communication and business tools within clear, tailor-made spaces that are readily accessible right within Microsoft Teams.

Facilitate collaboration on your projects by integrating dashboards that bring together the most important information and links for your project.

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