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MODA Simplifies Crafting Personalised Dashboards on Microsoft Teams, Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity

MODA is a powerful tool that revolutionises the way organisations manage internal communication and collaboration. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, MODA simplifies tasks such as creating personalised dashboards, streamlining workflows, and boosting overall team productivity within Microsoft Teams. Its versatility allows businesses to tailor their communication strategies, ensuring that information is delivered efficiently to the right people at the right time. MODA’s intuitive design makes it accessible to both tech-savvy professionals and those less familiar with digital tools, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative work environment

Here's why you should implement MODA

Improved Comms

MODA enhances internal communication processes, making it easier to disseminate information, collaborate, and keep teams aligned. This results in better decision-making and increased efficiency within the organisation.

Enhanced Productivity

By automating tasks and offering customisable dashboards, MODA empowers teams to work more efficiently. This increased productivity leads to time and cost savings, as well as a more streamlined workflow.

Data-Driven Decisions

MODA provides data analytics and reporting features that offer valuable insights into communication and collaboration patterns. These insights enable organisations to make informed decisions and optimise their strategies for better outcomes.

User-Friendly Interface

MODA's intuitive and accessible design ensures that employees at all levels can easily adapt to the platform. This inclusivity fosters better adoption and satisfaction among team members, contributing to a more cohesive work environment.

Discover the compelling reasons to incorporate MODA into your workspace

Offer a comprehensive view to your employees

Centralise Your Work Tools: Consolidate all your essential work tools in a single, custom dashboard, streamlining access and improving productivity.

Quick Actions: Execute rapid actions such as joining events, task updates, reading articles, and initiating conversations with coworkers directly from your dashboard.

Streamlined Notifications: Keep track of all your important notifications within the Teams activity feed, ensuring that you stay connected with colleagues and tasks in real-time.


Increase the impact of internal communication

Centralised Communication Dashboards: Create custom dashboards that centralise articles and social networks, simplifying access to critical information.

Segmented Communication Spaces: Roll out impactful communication spaces by segmenting and targeting specific populations, ensuring relevant content delivery.

Strengthened Teams Engagement: Provide a seamless and comprehensive experience within Microsoft Teams to boost engagement and productivity.

Proactive Notifications: Notify users when there is news or updates that directly concern them, facilitating timely and relevant communication.

Achieve your team's goals

Operational Excellence: Real-time KPIs, task lists, and information feeds via PowerBI integration for efficient task management.

Collaborative Insights: Streamlined document flows, internal and external news sharing, and content collaboration for enhanced knowledge exchange.

Customised Dashboard Models: Adapt dashboard models to suit specific project needs, whether they are operational, collaborative, or a blend of both.

Efficient Task Management: Consolidate essential project data and resources for improved task tracking and better project outcomes.

FAQ - Everything about MODA's personal dashboards

Empower your organisation by cultivating a holistic perspective for your employees, amplifying the effectiveness of internal communication, and achieving your team’s objectives. Excel in the onboarding of new team members and reestablish communication channels with your frontline workers to foster collaboration and productivity across the board.

Simplify your workspace and enhance collaboration by consolidating your communication and essential business tools within versatile, easy-to-access spaces seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams.

  • Generate a productivity dashboard for direct access to all your tools within Teams.
  • Develop a communication dashboard for keeping your employees informed anytime, anywhere.
  • Establish a communication dashboard to ensure your employees are always well-informed, regardless of location or time.

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