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Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft Office 365 that brings together people, conversations and content – along with the tools that teams need – giving you the complete collaboration and communication solution right at the tip of your fingers. 

Microsoft Teams is the engaging hub for teamwork that brings together collaboration and communications capabilities using the full breadth and depth of Office 365. With video and conference calling, you have the opportunity to collaborate, meet, and share in a more open, fluid, and modern workspace.

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Microsoft Teams Chat


Communication through threaded and persistent chat with additional features:

  • Rich text capable adds multimedia capabilities to your messaging such as making plain text fancy, sending GIFs and high resolution imagery
  • Chat, call and meet people using multiple  devices, including mobile with the Teams App available for iOS and Android
  • Easy @mention feature ensures recipient sees your message and is notified 
  • Keep interactions engaging with memes and animated Gifs which builds rapport between Team members
  • File sharing in chat that is easy to access and locate with a ‘Search’ feature
Microsoft Teams Collaboration


Streamline collaboration and improve teamwork:

  • Search for content, files, and people with the ‘search’ feature making it easy to keep track of files that have been shared
  • Track project chat, notes, files and meetings in one place ensuring deadlines are easily tracked and met
  • Office 365 apps are built in Teams for easy access to SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, Planner and more making it easy for you to navigate between Microsoft applications
  • Co-author in real time using connected Office and other apps with real-time tracking and editing features
Microsoft Teams Meetings


Supports both private and channel meetings in more productive, real-time meetings with:

  • High definition audio, web and video conferencing allows crystal clear meetings to go ahead especially whilst working remotely 
  • Presentation and application sharing ensures relevant information is provided to the audience with a click of a button
  • Cloud recording of meetings with transcription and translation which can be saved and shared at a later date
  • Share content and use intelligent features like background blue and scheduling assistance from mobile
Microsoft Teams Calling


Connect with anyone through phone system:

  • Have a dedicated phone number for domestic and international calls so clients know where to reach you at all times
  • Advanced features including voicemail, transfer, and emergency calling (e9111) so you never leave a call unanswered
  • Advanced call management including, call routing, auto attendant, and reporting
  • Hybrid voice using Direct Routing
  • Business Voice available for up to 300 users which is built into M365 bringing you everything you expect from a phone system with call control, auto-attendants, voicemail and more

Use Microsoft Teams to manage projects, meeting with teams of 10 or 10,000. Host audio, video, and Teams web conferences with anyone inside or outside your organization or go big with live events. 

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Adepteq Top Tips for effective remote work whilst staying connected

Set up your workspace
Find a space in your home where you can concentrate. If you’re somewhere with background distractions, use background blur or personalise your settings with a picture of your own in Microsoft Teams to keep teammates focused.

Communicate, communicate, communicate
Your rhythm with online work from home might look different than it does in the office. For example, you may be balancing work and childcare at the same time. Communicate your schedule to your co-workers in advance with a handy roadmap so that they know when to reach out to you.

Maintain healthy boundaries
Without the normal workday signals, like a commute, it can be harder to unplug. Make sure to take breaks, stay hydrated, and give yourself opportunities to “clock out” from remote work at the end of the day. Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to set time periods where you are able to snooze notifications helping you disconnect from work and connect with your personal life.

Embrace online meetings
Make sure all meetings include an online “join” option so that team members can join from wherever they are working. Turn video on so your team can interact face to face and feel more connected so that you don’t miss out on some well needed social interaction.

Be mindful and inclusive
A crowded conference call can make it difficult for people to share their opinions. Pause frequently to allow time for questions and remind attendees that they can use the chat window to share their thoughts. The chat feature can be saved and referred back to once your live meeting has ended, ensuring information is not missed!

Record your meetings
When you start a meeting, hit “record”. Team members who aren’t able to join can watch later or search the automatically generated transcript for important information. That way, people can easily review anything they missed or need repeated.

Staying Connected

Staying Connected - Remote Work

Make up for missing hallway talk
The quick chat at the water cooler is what many people miss the most when working remotely. Instead, be deliberate about and connecting with your coworkers. Think about chat messages as your virtual water cooler and set yourself a reminder to check in with people regularly.

Bring the team together
Working remotely can feel a bit isolating. It’s important to create opportunities for the whole team to virtually get together, whether it’s large brainstorms with the Microsoft Whiteboard app or daily check-ins over a virtual coffee.

Have fun
Use Teams to encourage fun activities and challenges to maintain morale. Holding a photo contest or praising employees for creative ideas are great ways to help the team stay positive and engaged.

If you are considering migrating your files to Teams, we can assist you in planning and undertaking the migration from shared drives to the Files tab in your Teams using the same processes and tools that we do for a SharePoint migration.

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