Revolutionise Your Meeting Spaces with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Ignite Collaboration with Microsoft Teams Rooms

With Microsoft Teams Rooms, we can optimise your meeting spaces by integrating high-quality audio, video, and content sharing capabilities, enabling effective communication and collaboration for both in-person and remote participants. 

Experience hassle-free setup, simplified meeting management, and advanced features like AI-powered background noise suppression, automatic camera tracking, and intelligent meeting room controls. Boost engagement, streamline workflows, and drive efficient decision-making with Microsoft Teams Rooms, designed to elevate your business to new heights.

Solutions For Every Room


Small Room

Maximise your space and minimise clutter with our compact solutions designed for focus rooms and smaller spaces. Experience the benefits of a streamlined setup that saves space, eliminates excessive cabling, and ensures a clean and organised meeting environment.


Medium Room

In larger rooms where tables extend and participants sit farther from the camera, our medium configurations offer the perfect solutions. Featuring a premium camera and modular audio, our advanced solutions ensures crystal-clear communication.


Large Room

In large rooms, achieving clear and consistent audio is essential. That’s why our large configurations offer advanced speaker solutions to optimise sound quality. Create an immersive meeting experience where everyone can hear and be heard, fostering better engagement. 

Microsoft Teams Room examples

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