Empowering Digital Transformation with Our Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy guides you through your IT modernisation

At Adepteq, we understand the complexities of initiating a digital transformation journey. Beyond simply implementing technology, our focus is on enabling businesses to harness the full capabilities of digital solutions.

We specialise in delivering concrete business benefits, such as increased revenue, lowered costs, and minimised risks. Recognising that digital transformation encompasses more than just adopting new technologies, we emphasise utilising them effectively to drive measurable achievements.

Our objective is to provide consultancy services customised to your organisation’s requirements, guaranteeing optimal outcomes and significant value addition. With a tailored approach, we ensure that your digital transformation journey is successful and impactful.

Your People

We’re dedicated to assisting you in aligning resources, optimising team dynamics, and nurturing essential competencies to propel your success forward rapidly. Through our expert guidance, you can strategically invest in the most promising areas to ensure sustainable growth for your business.

Your Processes

We specialise in bridging the gap between users, processes, and technology to elevate operational efficiency. By identifying and resolving any discrepancies, we empower you to streamline operations effectively, thereby fostering greater productivity and success within your organisation.

Your Technology

We offer comprehensive support to help you comprehend your current technologies thoroughly. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that effectively address any limitations, leading to a more streamlined and efficient digital environment for your business operations.

Your Goals

We specialise in assisting you in defining clear goals and mapping out the necessary actions required to achieve them. Our expertise ensures that your organisation moves steadily towards its desired outcomes, with strategic planning and implementation guiding each step of the journey.

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"The service provided by Adepteq is superb and they are regarded as a valued partner in the provision of support, services regarding our SharePoint installation. This extends across management, project management and support & consultancy services."
Corps Security, Tony Frost, London

Business Strategy

Identify a business strategy & solutions, including detailed documentation of our findings

Technical Assessment

A comprehensive technical assessment to evaluate your processes & how they can be streamlined

Business Continuity

Ensure your data is available, recoverable & secure for any eventuality


Agreeing policies, roles, responsibilities & processes for using, managing & maintaining your solutions


Ensuring you are compliant with UK & industry regulations

Business Case

Providing detailed costs/benefits of old vs new IT

Health Check

Detailed, on-site systems check of your current IT setup with recommendations

Proof of Concept

Scaled-down solutions to demonstrate, refine and obtain buy-in for your full project

Start your journey with custom workshops to ensure goals are met

We understand that every organisation is different, so we offer tailored workshops that will give you the advice you need to begin your digital transformation journey.

Engaging a trusted consultancy will help you make the right decisions to achieve the desired business outcomes you are looking for. You will also learn how Microsoft technology can be tactically used to support your initiatives and drive growth.

Adepteq offer effective and affordable Microsoft Consultancy to help you plan and implement a successful digital workplace transformation.

Ask the Expert: Microsoft 365 Q&A

Are you interested in getting the most out of Microsoft 365? Our mission is to offer actionable and outcome-focused guidance, empowering our customers to unleash the complete capabilities of the Microsoft 365 Suite. Schedule a 15-minute call with us now and choose a time and date that works best for you.

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