Introducing Adepteq Intranet Essentials with Omnia

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Introducing Adepteq Intranet Essentials with Omnia- A World-Class Intranet for Organisations with up to 500 Users

You don’t have to be a large company to experience an award-wining intranet. Introducing Adepteq Intranet Essentials with Omnia. A cost-effective and easy way to an exceptional intranet in Microsoft 365.

Here’s how:

All the features that you need: Intranet Essentials is an enterprise product and comes with all the features for a great intranet. Your solution will have a personalised start page with your look and feel. The intranet will also be delivered in Microsoft Teams and seamlessly integrated with the most popular Microsoft 365 applications.

Swift, fixed-priced delivery: Fixed-price implementation of your new intranet, tailored to your needs in only a matter of weeks.
Enjoy your new intranet: Round the clock services to ensure your solution runs effectively with a support desk ready to assist.
The essential internet includes all intranet-as-a-service features that smaller or mid-size organisations need. Download our Adepteq Intranet Essentials PDF for a feature overview.

Essential Features That You Will Love:

Easy-to-use tools and templates for publishing news, events, media and informational pages.
Find and connect with colleagues and drive effective collaboration in the intranet and Teams.
User Experience
Strong search, navigation, notifications, mobile-friendly and with unbeatable performance.
The Workplace
Personalised start page with your look and feel and integration with Microsoft Teams.

Swift Delivery of a Great Intranet

Your new intranet will be delivered based on a project model that will ensure you get a spot-on solution, delivered in just a few weeks. We expect the fixed-priced implementation project to run for 3-4 weeks, but we recommend that you should add some time for preparing the solution before you launch it to the organisation.

Services to make your intranet run like clockwork:

Hosting services
Subscription includes hosting and monitoring of your solution back-end in Cloud based on Microsoft Azure.
Product updates
You will benefit from new and improved functionality 3-4 times a year ensuring that your solution stays evergreen.
Customer success
Learn about Adepteq Intranet Essentials in videos and documentation, at webinars and online trainings.
Support desk
If you run into any Intranet challenges just let us know. Our support desk is ready to help.
For more details about Intranet Essentials, download our informative PDF.
Looking for an Adepteq Intranet Essentials demo? We have two webinars that are running in September which are booking up fast.
The webinar will cover:
  1. What is an Intranet & why do you need one?
  2. Showcasing Adepteq Intranet Essentials with Omnia
  3. Demo of Modern SharePoint & Omnia Intranets
  4. Q&A – All your intranet questions answered

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Want to learn more about Adepteq Intranet Essentials?
Now, small to mid-sized organisations can get the customised intranet they need for today and tomorrow. Do you want to learn more? Request a proposal today.