Grapes Direct is the largest specialist supplier of fresh table grapes to the UK's leading supermarkets.

“Adepteq understood our requirements and developed a powerful business tool which protects our position as the predominant supplier to the market”

Grapes Direct is ultimately responsible to their customers for the quality of their imported product and must comply with the requirements of the major supermarkets within the UK as well as providing timely communication to both producers and exporters when standards of areas of compliance change.

Our solution was based around SharePoint and we have made every effort to keep the solution as simple, but also scalable. This will allow the distributor to expand the solution to meet the changing needs of their business growth without the need to use external resources.

Each organisation in the supply chain only has access to the information relevant to them as the authentication and security is managed within the solution. As a leading extranet solution, the SharePoint platform deployed will also allow the distributor to expand the use of the document management and communication tools across other areas of the business where additional value will be found.

By providing this facility to the exporters this enabled them to manage and maintain their own certification documentation making the whole process easier. These enhancements have resulted in a major improvement to the supply chain management, communication and visibility which benefits exporters, producers, the distributor and ultimately, their clients.

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