FREEDOM4 addresses the growing problem of absence management with an HR solution based on SharePoint

“Our Microsoft SharePoint solution from Adepteq allows us to focus on running our business. Our automated HR processes will allow us to grow much more efficiently.”
Brendan o-Rourke, Managing Director

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The FREEDOM4 team actively participates in all global industry forums and is recognised as a leading force in establishing the WiMAX standards worldwide. It makes personal broadband available to both businesses and consumers at affordable prices.

They found out that often, their original processes were not designed to scale and would require an HR department twice the size of the sales team – not a good situation to be in.

The time and effort required to manage something as simple as new starter inductions, holiday requests and sickness reporting can be crippling for a business experiencing accelerated growth. FREEDOM4 avoided this issue by engaging Adepteq to design scalable HR processes and implement a SharePoint solution to deliver them. With the custom workflows in place far less time is now spent on HR management, reducing costs and making the whole company more efficient.

Staff induction now take place almost entirely online with electronic user acceptance, holiday requests are created in SharePoint and the workflow solution ensures that it is routed to the appropriate manage for approval before heading to the HR department. This solution also allows manager to easily capture sickness absence which is then routed to the HR department.

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