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Provide secure sites to share with your clients, partners or trustees

No organisation is an island, they all share documents and information with their partners, clients, suppliers, trustees, volunteers, and sub-contractors, but how do you maintain control?

SharePoint Extranet sites are secure sites accessed on the web via a login, giving users authenticated access to a shared area containing the content of external access to your business data with robust permissions options.

By sharing Data with Boots, call and email requests to New Store Europe project managers had dropped by 80% within 2 months as it was easier for Boots staff to self serve than wait for a response.

Extranets add that little extra

With a SharePoint Extranet as part of your SharePoint Solution, you can keep dedicated areas to customers and partners for accessing training partner-specific documentation, completing online business forms and processes.

Keeping a secure login area for the housing of data is crucial to those interacting with your business as well as providing a platform for support and extending your services beyond your website's current reach.

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Classic Site - Order Status Example

Here external clients are given access to their order details within SharePoint. The wheel and text dynamically display the progression of their order.

Using SharePoint’s REST API and JavaScript we created an informative display with user-friendly management.

Users can update the product name, product image, shipped date, received date, and progress completed for their clients to see by simply updating a single SharePoint list.

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