Protect all of your organisation's valuable
business data with Enterprise Security

What is Enterprise Security

Microsoft’s suite of Enterprise mobility tools is meticulously crafted to safeguard your business data across diverse devices. Embrace the mobile revolution with confidence, knowing that your valuable data is shielded from potential security threats and breaches.

With robust security measures in place, businesses can harness the benefits of mobility while maintaining control over data integrity within their organisation.

Trust in Microsoft’s comprehensive solutions to empower your business to thrive in an increasingly mobile-centric landscape, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring operational continuity with peace of mind.

Enterprise Security is defined into 3 pillars

Safeguard your entire business ecosystem across Microsoft, iOS, and Android devices seamlessly through a unified interface provided by Intune. With Intune, you can ensure comprehensive security measures are in place, extending protection across all platforms used within your organisation. This centralised approach streamlines management processes, allowing for efficient oversight of device security protocols.

Elevate employee productivity while maintaining strict separation between personal and business data using Intune and Azure Rights Management. These integrated solutions empower your workforce to work efficiently while ensuring that sensitive business information remains securely compartmentalised. With Intune and Azure Rights Management, you can strike the perfect balance between productivity and data security, enabling your employees to thrive in their roles while safeguarding your organisation’s valuable assets. 

Manage identities across your data center and the cloud with a mobile device management software solution with Azure AD Premium

The EM+S E3 and E5 Suites are also available as part of the Microsoft 365 Suite, which also includes Office 365 and Windows 10 Enterprise.

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Using Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite provides comprehensive security solutions tailored for a thriving mobile business. With a price point 58% lower than competitors’ offerings, its affordability and specialised security features for Microsoft applications make it the top choice for businesses aiming to safeguard their data and devices.

Enjoy heightened productivity with single sign-on capabilities, facilitated by Identity and Access Management (IAM), allowing users seamless transitions between devices while adhering to stringent security protocols. In the event of a security breach, EMS offers proactive measures such as remote wipe options through Mobile Device Management (MDM), along with detailed access records to monitor data usage, preempting potential threats.

Ensure robust application security with Mobile Application Management (MAM), granting security personnel peace of mind through meticulous control over app interactions and data access. Customise app usage policies for employees, safeguarding business data while promoting efficient workflow on their devices. By leveraging EMS, businesses can confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of mobile security, fortified by tailored solutions and proactive measures to safeguard against emerging threats and maintain operational integrity.

How much is Enterprise Security?

£6.60 per user per month

Enterprise Security Free Trial

Embark on a transformative journey with our custom collection of Microsoft Cloud Services, meticulously configured to meet your unique needs. Dive into our exclusive 30-day trial, where you'll receive 100 user licenses for Enterprise Mobility + Security E3. This trial offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore and harness the full potential of Microsoft's suite of cloud solutions, empowering your organisation with cutting-edge technology and enhanced security measures.

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