Introducing Egress Defend Phishing Detection

The next generation of AI based phishing detection

Protecting Microsoft Office 365

The first enterprise-class solution influenced and guided by UK Government and Cyber Intelligence agencies that are truly effective against email phishing today.


How can Adepteq help?

Phishing is the number 1 form of cyber attack, with Verizon reporting 93% of data breaches being linked to phishing in 2018. Office 365 is a prime target for phishers, so Adepteq partners with Aquilai to provide our clients with leading-edge protection against the most common (and costly!) form of cyber attack.

Once we understand your environment we will provide a proposal to deploy Ajax to work alongside your existing defenses, with licenses on a per-user, per year basis.

Adepteq can provide an online demo and arrange a 10-day free Proof of Value, so you can see how Ajax works in your environment.

  • All incoming emails processed and checked for indicators of compromise
  • Detects zero day attacks for all phishing exploits
  • Comprehensive technical analysis is run to determine key attributes
  • Aquilai solution uses over fifty algorithms for linguistics and technical analysis
  • Creates a profile of what is the normal email flow for each user
  • Automatically learns and adapts without user intervention
  • Email is classified for varying levels of Phishing
  • User friendly warning banners are inserted into the body of the email
  • URLs rewriting prevents access to malicious web sites


  1. Advanced visibility pre-empts attacks at an early stage of a Phishing campaign
  2. Typical attack types are highlighted based upon auto-discovered company profile
  3. Detailed information on the Phishing warnings raise user awareness

Deployment Scenario

  1. Tightly integrated into Office 365, also supports Exchange and G Suite email
  2. Nondisruptive deployments, no impact on email delivery
  3. No end-point agents or software required works with all devices and mail clients
  4. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile (iOS, Android & Blackberry)
  5. No perceptible delays with email processing and delivery
  6. Easy to use the dashboard to track email processing results and issues

Ask the Expert: Microsoft 365 Q&A

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