Easing your GDPR-compliance with Microsoft 365

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Back in 2018 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became enforceable across the EU, changing the way organisations handle data. It has become mandatory to know what data you have on individuals, that all data is kept secure and managed effectively, and all changes and data movements are recorded and documented accordingly.

Making sure your organisation is meeting the requirements can take up a lot of time and be rather costly. However, many people were unaware of the tools available through Microsoft 365 that are hugely beneficial when it comes to GDPR.

Below are 5 reasons why you should using Microsoft 365 for all your GDPR needs.

Controlling access to your data.

The Customer Lockbox for Microsoft 365 is a great tool to remain in control of your data when other users are required to access your environment.

When you need a service from Microsoft Support, you might need to give them access to your private data to fix the problem. The Customer Lockbox helps keep your data secure while the problem is being fixed. The Lockbox ensures that the support engineer only has access to your data for the amount of time you specify. In addition, all access by Microsoft Support is logged, so it can be audited later.

Migrate your data to the cloud

Microsoft 365 provides a service to help you move the necessary data online. Whether its into Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, or OneDrive for Business. It’s an incredibly convenient and secure way to keep data organised, and moving your data over is simple. 

Control data location

GDPR compliance continues to ensure that an individuals data is stored within a country where an “adequacy decision” has been stated. This means that the country’s laws in which the data is being stored in enforces the required level of data protection.

Microsoft 365 E3 licences and above allows you to check what region your data is being stored in. If the regions laws do not comply with the GDPR requirements then you can simply choose to store your data in a more suitable location.

Click the “Where is my data?” button to view the location and make the simple change if needed.

Advanced eDiscovery

Advanced eDiscovery is another tool in Microsoft 365, and gives you a powerful way to take stock of the digital data you are holding. You can easily find the data you need by using filters, allowing you to focus on key documents from Microsoft 365 applications, as well as helping keep your data optimised. It helps make sure deleted files are in fact deleted and duplicates are removed.

Encrypted Security

Encryption is the most secure way to secure any data online, and although GDPR does not mandate the use of encryption, you would be silly to move forward without it. Microsoft 365 E3 subscriptions and above provide encryption for all stored data using their BitLocker encryption tool. When using other application within Microsoft 365, such as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business, Microsoft adds another layer of encryption via a system called ‘Customer Key’. This monitors all access to the data and protects against unauthorised devices or users. You have the control to authorise services such as eDiscovery to use your Customer Key.

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