Do More With Less Using Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 Empowers You

Today, every business, in every industry, is looking to do more with less. Organisations of all sizes require a digital fabric that connects people, places, and processes-creating a massive opportunity to help customers make hybrid work, work. Additionally, pressures from the evolving global economy are requiring businesses to reduce costs and optimise operations as they continue to shift to a world of hybrid work.

Make the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription by eliminating redundant solutions

  • Consolidate complex licensing structure
  • Eliminate redundant capabilities, benefit from seamless, native integration
  • Cut consulting, deployment and integration costs with a single integrated solution

Save up to 60% through licence consolidation to Microsoft 365.

Improve workflow with your Microsoft 365 licence by simplifying IT management

  • Automate system updates to reduce device management cost, optimising IT administration
  • Improve IT efficiencies for new devices, apps & infrastructure
  • Simplify onboarding with automated provisioning

Automate system updates and reduce IT management costs by 40% and time spent on device management by 24%.

Stay connected when you’re apart with Microsoft 365 by protecting the digital worker

  • The flexibility to securely work from anywhere
  • Lessen data breaches & protect identities, devices, apps & data
  • Reduce security costs with pre-integrated identity, endpoint management & security solutions

Enable a zero-trust security model and reduce data breach risk by 45% and overall IAM security management costs by 50%.

Are you making the most out of your Microsoft subscriptions?

Adepteq’s leading business experts have curated a survey that will take no more than 3 minutes of your time. By filling out our quick survey, you’ll receive a report from our expert consultants detailing how you can do more with less, using your Microsoft 365 Licence.

To find out more information regarding your Microsoft License, visit our Do More With Less page.