Defend Your Business with Microsoft 365 Workshop Success

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On Thursday 27th July and Tuesday 12th September, we held joint workshops with Ingram, titled ‘ Defend Your Business with Microsoft 365’.

Our workshop sessions introduced attendees to Microsoft 365 Business Premium and how it can revolutionise their business.

Attendees discovered the following:

  1. Reduce Your Costs:  Consolidate your apps into the Microsoft 365 suite. Simple deployment for easier access. Reduce application licensing and management complexity.
  2. Simplify IT Management: Optimise the way you spend time by allowing users to connect from anywhere. Simplify user and service onboarding, automate system updates, and reduce device management costs.
  3. Increase Security: Securely access your data from anywhere. Eliminate the risk of expensive data breach incidents and keep your devices safe wherever they are, across platforms.

You can watch the full workshop on our YouTube Channel by clicking the video below.


If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft 365 Business premium and how your business can benefit from this, book in a FREE 15-minute discovery call with one of our Cloud Experts today.