Automating everyday tasks is even easier with the new Power Automate app for Teams

One salient statistic in the shift to remote work over the past eight months is the fact that on average people spend an additional hour working per day versus when they were previously working in the office. We know that people don't necessarily want to be working more, but the change in how people are working has resulted in this shift nonetheless. One way to help people take back some of this time is by automating routine processes to make their workday easier.

The new Power Automate app for Teams makes it more approachable and straightforward for users to automate routine tasks.

Power Automate app for Teams

Simplified flow designer for Teams templates

The new Power Automate app for Teams allows you to build a flow to automate processes using a simplified creation experience. Now by just selecting parameters from a few drop-down menus, you can automate routine tasks for yourself and for your team. The new simplified experience also makes the process of building flows faster for experienced makers.

Automating in Teams - Create Flow

The new simplified designer lets you create flows based on 50 templates, and there are more templates on the way. You can always modify a flow using the full creator experience by clicking on 'Edit in advanced mode'. Also, you can create a flow from scratch, using the button on the top right of the 'Create' experience - all of this right within Teams.

Manage your flows from the home screen

The new Power Automate app provides a simple way to manage your flow in Teams from the home screen. It's now easy to turn your flows off and on, see who they are shared with, what types of flows you have, and see in which Teams and channels they function. From here, you can click right into those flows to modify if needed.

Automating in Teams - Manage Flows

Also, the app still provides you with the approvals management tab from the previous version of the Power Automate app, helping you manage your approvals in one place.

More templates, triggers, and action for quick automation creation

There are a range of new templates available and recently released triggers and actions that allow you to quickly automate many elements in your Teams experience. One interesting new template allows you to schedule 1:1 time with someone and sets up a Teams call. Microsoft are constantly adding more templates, triggers, and actions to expand the ways you can use automation to customise your Teams experience and make your day a bit easier.

Templates Triggers Actions

Adepteq use Teams and Power Automate ourselves and have successfully planned, deployed, trained on and are supporting Microsoft Teams with many of our clients.

If you would like to know more visit our Microsoft Teams or Power Automate page. You can contact us or call on 0800 6444 365.

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