About AGD

AGD makes easy-to-integrate, globally compatible ITS (intelligent traffic systems) product solutions designed to help create safer, greener, more efficient traffic and transport environments. AGD is one of the UK’s most successful manufacturers of ITS product, delivering solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Highways and strategic transport initiatives around the world.
With strategic ITS thinking strengthened by 25 years of practical implementations, AGD’s product solutions are engineered for real-world integration and dynamic future applications. Working closely with system and product integration, national road authorities and traffic engineers, AGD develops solutions that fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges across urban and inter-urban settings. Products serve Traffic and Pedestrian Control, Highways and Enforcement environments, and applications such as tunnel and track. Read below to see how we enhanced their business with a SharePoint Intranet.

The Challenge - Paper Trail

Currently using Office 365 AGD requested a Staff Intranet in SharePoint Online. The intranet would need to provide various functions and workflows making it easy for all staff members, taking away the current paper trail! The layout must feature the AGD branding with a tile driven navigation, it would also feature a clean and simple theme on all pages taking into consideration the below requirements;

  • News publishing functionality for company news
  • Suggestions / feedback facility
  • Electronic form and business process
  • Staff directory
  • Document Library for standard company documents
  • Electronic form and business process for Visitor Signing In
  • Create Plans for the week Calendar with the ability for users to update
  • Create users and groups in SharePoint
  • Configure Search functionality
  • Permissions applied
  • SharePoint intranet On-site training for staff members

The Solution - SharePoint Intranet

Adepteq proposed a SharePoint intranet for all 81 staff members to access in the workplace and outside of the organization, any time of the day. The home page would contain key information for the staff making it easy to access by using tile navigation for everyday processes like holiday booking, calendar for events, and being able to access the staff directory keeping everyone connected. Adepteq would also need to design and implement a process whereby visitors can electronically sign in.


The Result - A Clean and Paperless Intranet

Following the company branding of yellow and grey we produced a simple clean theme for their intranet. Purely driven by a tile navigation we made it easy for all staff members to use and caters for all levels of computer competency. On the home page users can easily navigate through key areas like booking annual leave which would automatically be sent to the line manager for approval, find contact details of staff members within the company, check and add upcoming events and important meetings, and keep updated with the latest news within the company.
AGD wanted to encourage staff to leave feedback and make suggestions so we ensured they could do so by completing a form which would be emailed to the desired contact responsible for this area.
One of the key areas was ensuring users can easily access important documents like standard company and HR policies so we made this feature within the tile navigation.

AGD requested a ticker at the top of their home page. These are very useful to make brief regular updates to all users such as; ‘Happy Birthday Andrew!’ or ‘cakes in the kitchen today for Sally’s Birthday, help yourself!’. It is a great way to keep the staff in the loop.

Staff members use certain channels regularly such as BBC News, Google search engine and like to keep up to date with the company Twitter feed so we ensured this was also one of the key features to their home page.

Adepteq created software that would enable all visitors to the building to sign-in securely. It captures important information; the person’s name, their company, care registration details, the person they are visiting and the appointment time. Once the form has been submitted by the visitor it automatically emails the relevant staff members and they are alerted to their arrival. This effective procedure will allow the receptionist to carry on with other duties knowing that visitor’s information has been safely recorded and stored which can also be used in the event of an emergency or fire drill.


The Training

Adepteq provided in-person Content Owner training for the key members of staff that will be maintaining  the new SharePoint intranet and creating / managing content within the sites. The areas we covered with AGD to allow them to manage and maintain their new internet;

  • SharePoint Overview
  • Site Structure
  • Working with Sites
  • Creating Pages
  • Working with Pages
  • Lists and List Items
  • Document Libraries
  • Document Control
  • Image Libraries
  • Views
  • Web Parts / Applications
  • Permissions
  • Managing
  • Booking Processes