Accessibility overview of Microsoft Teams

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Accessibility overview of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a messaging and collaboration app that lets everyone in your business join the conversation, communicate and work together.  Our blog contains an overview of the many accessibility features that make sure all users can have the best possible experience using Microsoft Teams.

Meet, chat, and collaborate inclusively with Microsoft Teams


Access meetings and participate from anywhere with Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile apps and Microsoft Teams on the web.

  • Live closed captioning for meetings
  • Blur background or use a background image free from the Teams background library, or upload and use your own
  • Pin a meeting participant’s video to highlight an important participant
  • Dedicated chats for each meeting to keep all conversations and details in one place
  • Raise your hand in a Teams meeting to stand out
  • Reduce background noise in Teams meetings to avoid interruptions such as calls or messages
  • Add someone, like a coworker or interpreter, to a call with the click of a button


Communicate effectively with everyone regardless of language, cognitive needs, or visual capabilities.

  • Limit distractions with Do Not Disturb mode to prevent interruptions from calls or messages
  • Minimise communication barriers with language translation
  • Customise the reading and viewing experience for different visual and cognitive needs suited to your co-workers
  • Send audio messages on Microsoft Teams mobile and use Windows dictation on Microsoft Teams desktop


Enable collaboration for everyone by adapting to different learning paces, motor skills, and communication preferences.

  • Have documents read aloud and broken down by syllables with Immersive Reader
  • Ensure Microsoft Office content is easy for all people to read and edit directly from the Microsoft Teams desktop app
  • Pin chats, channels, apps, and documents for quick and easy access
  • Manage notifications and set your status to let your co-workers know where you are
  • Dark, light, and high contrast theme
  • Zoom in and out of Teams
  • Search for messages to find information quickly and easily
  • Compatible with assistive technologies, like
  1.  Screen readers
  2. Dictation software
  3. Eye control (on Windows 10)
  4. Voice control (on iOS and Android)
  5. Screen magnifiers
  6. Switch access (on iOS and Android)


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For more information on Microsoft Teams and how you can fully utilise Teams for your organisation, download our FREE Microsoft Teams PDF.