Empowering Content Authors with Artificial Intelligence

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SharePoint in the Modern Era

SharePoint is revolutionising the content authoring experience, offering powerful, intuitive, and expressive capabilities that reduce manual steps and leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence. Microsoft’s vision is to empower millions of site owners, news authors, page creators, and portal administrators to easily write, brand, publish, and share content.

Introducing Copilot in SharePoint

Copilot in SharePoint leverages the Copilot System, a combination of large language models and Microsoft Graph data, to transform your words into potent tools for creating and editing SharePoint sites and pages. This innovative feature allows you to streamline the content creation process, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to data security and privacy in the enterprise.

Copilot in SharePoint.

Copilot in SharePoint goes beyond mere visual enhancements. It can also analyse and optimise key passages of text on your page, ensuring that your content strikes just the right tone to engage your readers. Say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments and hello to a more seamless, user-friendly web design experience with Copilot in SharePoint.

Elevate Your Brand with SharePoint: Create Compelling and Engaging Sites

Today’s workforce demands engaging and visually stunning digital experiences, and Microsoft understand the importance of meeting those expectations. That’s why they’re expanding the aesthetic capabilities of SharePoint, empowering you to create bold and sophisticated pages and sites like never before.

Their investments are designed to cover the full spectrum of web design, including branding and theming, typography and fonts, grid and layout, video and imagery, and animations and motion. With the help of Copilot in SharePoint, you can confidently ensure that your sites are taking advantage of all the latest design elements. Take a glimpse at the “art of the possible” with SharePoint’s contemporary design and branding capabilities. Experience the full potential of SharePoint and elevate your brand with compelling and engaging sites that will leave a lasting impression.

SharePoint sites with modern design and branding.

In today’s digital landscape, brand authenticity is crucial to creating a seamless user experience. That’s why SharePoint’s new brand centre empowers you to specify fonts, colours, logos, and other design elements that align with the identity of your organisation, products, subsidiaries, and more. With SharePoint’s brand centre, you can now reuse your branding elements across multiple sites with ease. SharePoint also provides the right guardrails to ensure that site owners align with your branding guidelines, giving you the confidence to maintain brand consistency throughout your digital presence.

The new Brand Center in SharePoint.

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