Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

Announcing Microsoft 365 Lighthouse for Managed Service Providers serving small & medium customers

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is a new experience that makes it easier for IT Partners to deliver managed services at scale to small and medium-sized customers.

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse will help you reduce your operations overhead by enabling you to onboard, monitor and manage your Microsoft 365 customers from one place. Moreover, you will be able to drive higher levels of standardisation, automation, and auditing in how you work with customers. 

Lighthouse is currently in private preview stage of development and includes multi-tenant management capabilities for device compliance, threat management and user access management. 

Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Standardising device compliance

First, Lighthouse will enable monitoring and management of device compliance across your customers from one place. With this capability, you can understand what policies are in place, review the status of devices across customers, and compare these across customers. This helps you work toward standardisation so you can manage your customer base efficiently at scale.

Managing threats and antivirus protection

Lighthouse includes threat management capabilities that let you see the protection status of Microsoft Defender Antivirus across all Windows 10 devices under management. With this, you will have one place to see which devices in your business are running Defender Antivirus, whether those are up to date, whether they have any active threats, and where an action – such as a reboot, required update, or overdue scan – is needed. You will also be able to view active threats in your environment, understand which users are devices are affected by them, which of these were blocked or quarantines, and where a review is needed.

This will help you reduce the operational burden of checking each PC one-by-one to verify all devices are protected and see if any needs action.

Simplifying user access management

Lighthouse simplifies and automates user access management. You can view a single list of all the users you manage across your customers, so you can quickly perform common but time-consuming tasks – reset a password, block access, assign a license, delegate access to a mailbox or OneDrive, change group membership – without having to log in and log out of individual customer tenants. Lighthouse will also provide insights into risky sign-ins and show conditional access policy settings across customers.

All of this is available in a way that is auditable and that the actions performed are traceable.

Other capabilities under development

Another capability Microsoft is currently exploring is helping you understand the adoption status of Microsoft 365 services across your customers, so you can help them get the most out of what they’ve paid for.

All of these new Lighthouse capabilities build upon the general multi-tenant capabilities being added to the Microsoft 365 admin centre for customers and partners – including viewing service health and service requests across multiple tenants, and ability to quickly toggle between tenants.

Get involved in the development process

Lighthouse is currently in private preview stage of development – with IT technicians from several Managed Service Providers (MSPs) using it every day.

To see a demo of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse by our engineering leads and hear from a few IT partners previewing Lighthouse on where they’ve found most value in it, watch the following video or join this Ignite on-demand session.

You can register at LighthouseNextStep to request early access to the public preview coming in the first part of next year and participate with Microsoft in the development of this exciting new set of capabilities.

We are very excited to share with you all the new announcements from Microsoft’s recent Ignite event. 

We will be sharing more about Microsoft 365 Lighthouse with you very soon.

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