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A Refreshing New Look for Teams Phones!

Microsoft have announced a new and improved user interface on Microsoft Teams phones. These experiences are now available to all users as a firmware update through the Teams Admin Center. The new look will help users navigate quickly between features, gain access to favourites, manage a variety of user settings from the Teams phones and enable auto dialing.

Great news if you are already using Teams telephony. If not then speak to us about our Business Voice services and Teams devices to get you started.

User Interface updates

  • Always available dial pad
    With an always available dial pad for devices in landscape mode, customers can make calls even faster. Microsoft has made it easier to access favourite contacts with touch-friendly icons. In the portrait layout, customers can toggle seamlessly between favourites and recent calls view.
Teams Phones Landscape

Landscape Mode

Teams Phones Portrait

Portrait Mode

  • Add and remove favourites
    By default, all favourite contacts from the Teams desktop client are marked as favourite contacts on Teams phones. Users can also add and remove favourites right from the phone by toggling the favourite icon (star) on the recent calls list or by accessing the more options menu on the contact card.
Add/Remove Favourites
  • Group call pickup
    With call sharing and group call pickup, users can share incoming calls with colleagues who answer the calls while the user is unavailable. Group call pickup is less disruptive to recipients than other forms of call sharing (such as call forwarding or simultaneous ringing). Because users can configure how they want to be notified of an incoming shared call (via audio and visual notification or visual only) and decide whether or not to answer it.
Group Call Pickup

New phone settings

  • Delegate management
    Choose someone in Teams to be your delegate so they can receive and make calls on your behalf. When you add a delegate, you can customise what controls they have. This new feature is available via the settings menu on your phone.
Delegate Management
  • Ringtone customisation
    One of the more frequently asked features is ringtone customisations. Enabled users can choose custom ringtones from an available list of ringtone options and set different ringtones for incoming calls, forwarded called, and delegated calls.
Ringtone Customisation
  • Autodial for extension dialing
    Tenant admins can add dial plans for their organisation with normalisation rules to enable extention dialing in Teams. With this new feature release, Teams phones will auto dial in 3 seconds after an approved extension is dialed by the user.
To take advantage of all these new features, we have a range of Teams certified phones from Poly and Yealink. 

If you already have a phone and do not see updates for your phone models, check with your manufacturer for firmware release schedules.

We use Teams ourselves and have successfully planned, deployed, trained on and are supporting Microsoft Teams with many of our clients. 

If you would like to know more visit our Microsoft Teams or Business Voice pages. We would be happy to discuss how Microsoft Teams can improve your communication and collaboration, by either contact us or calling 0800 6444 365. 

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