Microsoft Ignite 2019 SharePoint announcements – The intelligent intranet

Following the recent Ignite event, we wanted to share with you the major SharePoint announcements.

Over the past three years, SharePoint has been on a journey to reinvent the intelligent intranet across browsers, devices and in the mobile app, to allow organizations to work across teams and siloes to harness collective knowledge. Along this journey Microsoft has been excited to learn from customers both how they are moving to the cloud with SharePoint and how they can continue to innovate to deliver new value. Microsoft’s focus has been on responding to the feedback and many of the SharePoint announcements they made are based on that.

Let’s dive into the SharePoint announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2019. You can follow the public roadmap for more details on specific SharePoint announcements.

SharePoint home sites rolling out

SharePoint home sites give you an intelligent, integrated employee experience. A landing page for your organisation. Microsoft had great feedback from you about home sites since they previewed this year and have been working closely with early adopters. Microsoft are happy to share that they are beginning the global roll out of SharePoint home sites.

SharePoint home sites - a personalized landing experience for your organisation

New hub capabilities

Hubs connect and organise sites based on organisational attributes such as project, department, division, or region. Based on your feedback Microsoft are enhancing hubs in these key areas.

  • Hub permissions enable you to centralise the management of access to associated sites.
  • Hub analytics provides rich, hub-wide usage insights spanning total visitors, page views, popular content and more.
  • Associated hubs enable search and discover experiences across hubs and makes it easier to curate navigation between them.
  • Audience targeting  on hub navigation allows targeting navigation items based on a persons Azure Active Directory groups, such as job role or office location.

Additional branding abilities

You want your intranet to reflect your companies’ brand. SharePoint empowers you to do that today, but Microsoft are further enhancing your ability to brand your intranet and sites.

  • SharePoint mobile app co-branding so that you can easily add your organisation’s branding which will be featured in the SharePoint Mobile app.
  • SharePoint mobile app to support organisation’s custom branding  through logo image, app theme colors for top navigation bar, text and accent color etc. for a co-branded mobile intranet app experience for employees.
SharePoint Mobile App - A co-branded app experience for your organisation
  • Additional site footer capabilities with a new extended layout option that supports background color choice and ability to organize footer links.
  • Additional header options including a new Shy header that provides you the ability to reduce the size of the site header, the ability to hide the site title, and the option to add a site logo thumbnail for your sites.
  • Microsoft Fluent Design System which brings the fundamental of principled design, innovation in technology, and customer needs together as one, and delivers simplicity and coherence through a shared, open design system across platforms.
  • SharePoint Teal default theme converts the existing blue default theme to Teal to complete the transition to the new SharePoint brand colors on new and existing classic and modern communication and non-group connected team sites.
  • Make any classic site, a modern communication site. Classic team sites that are not modern group connected or have the classic publishing feature enabled,, can now get a communication site experience. More details here

Updated SharePoint look book

Microsoft were humbled by the response to the SharePoint look when they released it last year. It has been gratifying to hear client and partner stories of how it inspired you and helped create beautiful sites in your organisation. Microsoft have released a new look book, at, with even more samples. Best of all, if you are a site admin, you can now add the design you are looking for to your tenant with one click. 

Adepteq find this resource extremely useful in client Intranet workshops to help decide on the design and layout they prefer.

SharePoint LookBook

Audience Targeting for Navigation

Microsoft has heard the excitement from you for the new audience targeting features coming in SharePoint to target news and other information to relevant people. They will take this farther to allow you to audience target navigation items, such as in the mega menu, based on the same Azure Active Directory groups. This is another blocker removed for our clients moving from ‘Classic’ to ‘Modern’  SharePoint.

Updates to page, news and web parts

  • Image resizing which gives your the ability to adjust the sizes of images you add to your pages and news posts.
  • Page difference visualisation and version history for pages and news posts which enables content authors to visually see what changes have been made across different versions.
  • News filtering across sites with managed metadata.
  • Yammer conversations web part (v2) which gives people the ability to ask questions, mark and discover best answers, and compose with rich text and post praises. It’s also improved performance and is updated with a new Yammer design that is rolling out.
  • ‘My feed’ web part that intelligently brings together relevant documents, news, activities and other content that is personalized for you.
  • New stock images feature which will provide several thousand high quality, high resolution images, royalty free for page and news authoring, with an inventory of images that will grow over time.

News and Page scheduling

As customers have been adopting SharePoint news for official company news, Microsoft heard that we need the ability to author news posts and pages in advance and have them go live at a later time. They are now announcing the ability to easily schedule news posts and pages to be published at a future day and time.

Multilingual capabilities

Global organisations need to enable content across different languages and so Microsoft are delivering multilingual site capabilities. This will enable you to create content and sites in multiple languages.

People will be able to view content in their preferred language, or easily switch to other available language. Content translators will receive notification of changes. Microsoft are also delivering a new version history capability that will enable translators to visualize the differences between any two versions of a page in order to easily translate content as needed.

There are some great enhancements coming to SharePoint and we look forward to sharing more with you over time.

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