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New SharePoint web parts in Office 365

Great news for existing and new SharePoint Online users as a raft of new and updated SharePoint web parts are being released to all tenants over the coming months for use with Modern sites and pages.

SharePoint web parts are the building blocks of your sites and pages. They enable you to engage your users with content and information relevant to them and the role they play in your organisation.

SharePoint web parts being released or updated

Yammer Conversations

You will now be able to integrate conversations from any Yammer group, topic, user or home feed into any SharePoint page, news article or site with the new Yammer conversations web part, which provides a fully interactive Yammer experience directly in SharePoint.

The new Yammer conversations web part compliments the Yammer Highlights web part already available (which shows targeted conversation threads).

My Recent Documents

Something many of our clients have requested, Microsoft is now delivering! You can add a personalised experience to your site for your page visitors, so they see the content that is theirs and meant for them to consume. When you add this personalised web part to the page, it is aware of who is signed in and gives them a unique, relevant experience to the content and information you are promoting to them.

My Frequent Sites

This personalised web part allows you to show a relevant list of frequently accessed SharePoint sites to the current user. This is the same list as you would see on the SharePoint home in Office 365 and can be added to any home page, subpage or news article.

Microsoft Stream

This has been updated to allow sorting choices and mobile embedded playback so you can share your sensitive corporate video content easily and securely with your employees.

Image of the Stream SharePoint web part


YouTube Embed

This new SharePoint web part enables you to properly embed a playable video that sits beside your content. All you need is the link for the video from YouTube and you can add to your Modern Pages.

Image of the YouTube embed SharePoint web part











 Countdown Timer

Site owners and members will now be able to show a countdown timer to important launch dates, key meetings and milestones on their site home page, within subpages and/or within a news article on team sites, communication sites and hub sites. Simply add the web part to your page or news and tap in the target date and time to count down to. You can also add a background image and a call to action with hyperlink.

Image of Countdown timer SharePoint web part


Quick Chart

This connects to SharePoint lists as its source of data and has been updated to allow you to select a list on the current site to use as the data source to be visualized instead of manually entering the data in the web part edit pane.

Code Snippet

Great news for Developers as now it’s time to properly share code snippets, with correct syntax for many common development languages. You can also switch between Light theme and Dark theme. It’s easy to copy/paste in your code snippets and have them render as intended for great readability when the page is published.


Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax for authors. Add your Markdown text into SharePoint, and have it seamlessly converted to clean, structured HTML. It’s easy to copy/paste in your Markdown text and have it render as intended for great readability when the page is published.

Code snippet and Markdown SharePoint web parts


For a full summary please view the SharePoint web part updates article by Mark Kashman

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