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5 Features you’re missing without Office 365

Businesses across the UK are signing up to Office 365 to receive the latest Office suite, upgrade their business processes and collaborate closer than ever before with colleagues, partners and clients. Here’s 5 reasons you should consider switching to Office 365 Clean up Email with Clutter All businesses engage in heavy email productivity, with many organisations using it as a key communications tool to both their clients and partners. Employees in certain industries are estimated to spend at least 15%* of their day dealing with emails in the workplace. Office 365 Clutter can boost productivity by removing inbox distractions, using Machine Learning to monitor your behavior alongside some manual selections, with low priority messages sent to a Clutter folder for you to check when there is more time.Screenshot of Office 365 Clutter in action   99.9% Up time Guarantee Can your IT team provide a guarantee like this? In reality very few can, so the fact Microsoft have financially backed SLA’s for both usability and security adds to your peace of mind. Microsoft has never taken to defending data as seriously as today with their investment in worldwide, high-tech secure Data Centres. Microsoft’s “always on” approach means you can access your data at any time, from anywhere. Image of a stack of Servers Office 365 article   Collaborate, rather than compete with colleagues There are features throughout the Office 365 suite to connect you to your work data and colleagues no matter the location. Live co-authoring has unlocked documents for entire teams to contribute to and by using Office 365, SharePoint’s recently overhauled Groups, native link sharing features and the power of Skype for Business are all in your toolbox. Quickly update and distribute those mission critical documents that drive your business forward that can be consumed on any device. Office 365 on different devices   Pay as you “Grow” Office 365 scales with your successes. The larger your company and teams grow, the easy user management in Office 365 comes into play. With no hardware or upfront costs, your locked in per-user/per-month fees enable you to quickly collate and predict your monthly IT spend, whilst maintaining the benefits of up-to-date and secure software. Need new users? Simply update your subscriptions, add their details, set up their email and they can be ready to work in minutes, instead of days.   Device Compatibility Work from anywhere, on any device (Yes, even Apple IOS and Android devices!) to ensure your company can keep up with the constantly growing mobile business market. Never be caught “out-of-office” and close those deals that otherwise would have run dry in the standard 9-5 office based world format. Everyone tends to use more than one device now, Microsoft has recognised this by allowing each user to consume data (or use Office) on up to 5 different devices. Office 365 device compatibility image Written by Robert C
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