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Office 365 Delve

The Newest addition to Office 365, Delve. Office 365 Delve brings insights, analytics and real-time collaboration on projects within your SharePoint or Office 365 Deployment. Get user statistics, app useage and more as an administrator to track and analyze the up take of your platform.

Office Delve surfaces the content relevant to you. Using Machine Learning, Delve learns what content is important to you by analysing what you and your colleagues edit or share and brings them to the top of the boards. Ensuring that anything your working on is only a click away.

How Delve works

Office 365 Delve can personalise your SharePoint Intranet or Office 365 setup to reflect your job-role and cut down on searching and archiving content with your “most recent” documents and those teams you work with often, brought to the top for you to process.

Office 365 Boards are collaborative versions of your personal Office Delve, here you can create and manage team-wide collections of documents and surface the data and files that can help your colleagues in project and campaign environments.

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Delve’s boards are an easier way to quickly allocate documents and resources without moving or changing document permissions. Only documents that each Office 365 user is permitted to access will be visible to that user, so data security is never compromised whilst using Delve.

Office Delve is only available to customers and organisations using SharePoint and with an active Office 365 subscription. Interested in Office 365 Delve for your business? Contact us now to see what licensing you would require and the steps involved to getting the most out of Boards, Groups and Delve. Head to our contact page or open up a chat with one of our online consultants and find out more!

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